I'm often asked if my music can be used for Meditation CDs or if I can compose some bespoke music designed specifically for a clients project, Film Score, Website Music, Adverts, Documentary, etc.
Costing always varies from client to client depending on what their requirements are.
So this page acts more as a guideline and prices may vary as to what you'd like done.
I'll always recommend contacting me via my "Contact" page with all the details of the project first so I can price the work accordingly.
Commissions work in two ways.
1: Using Music I've already written from my back catalogue.
2: I Compose New bespoke music designed specifically for your project. 
Prices and Copyright Information.
If you choose option 1 then the price is £60 per track chosen each time it is used for your project.
All copyright is retained by Neil H Official.
If you choose option 2 then this is worked out according to the requirements of the project. For example 60 minutes music would work out more than say 20 minutes etc. This is why it's important to contact me with all of your project details.
Copyright for bespoke written music is given to the client on the basis that it is solely used for the project it was written for and not reproduced for any additional work.