Forest of Dreams Stories
by Lesley Weldon with music by Neil H
Lesley Weldon lives in an old miners cottage, surrounded by farmland and a large expanse of woodland that runs down through stream filled valleys to the River Tamar in the South West of Devon, England.
She lives close to nature, and that was her inspiration for creating the 'Forest of Dreams' stories. There are disabilities within her family and the stories came about while caring for one of her Grandchildren who was unable to sleep properly at night when very young. They would imagine walking down the garden, up the lane and into the wood
- the Magic Forest of Dreams.
Once there Grandma Rainbow would relate the stories, about the animals that lived there, about the seasons, things they had all done together as a family and things she - Grandma Rainbow had done on her own. Her focus was always on what a wonderful world we live in, how we should always be grateful for everything we have and how we need to look after our loving and abundant Mother Earth. Lesley not only wrote all the stories but also painted all the artwork and narrates the stories on the audio versions on CD and Download. These stories are for all ages and each with music specially woven throughout to bring a warming and magical texture.
Enjoy discovering your own journeys in the Magical Forest of Dreams. 
Forest of Dreams Downloads 
Forest of Dreams Volume 1