Meditation Series 2 CD Set

Special 2 CD set including 'Zen' and 'Resonating Colour'.

'Zen' was recorded live and intuitively in 3 parts at the Healing Weekend, Someset, England, July 2019.  

Each sound meditation is 20 minutes with the CD flowing through the full 60 minutes continuously with each soundscape weaving into the next.

'Resonating Colour' is a Chakra journey with the vibrational focus being on each Colour. To simply sit and feel each sound relax and bring a peaceful state of being.

Sound Colour healing and meditation brought together in a 70 minute continous soundscape.

This offer is for a limited time only and contains both albums in their original single album format.   


Meditation Series 2 CD Set

  • CD 1. Zen

    CD 2. Resonating Colour


    Samples of both albums are available via the Music Samples page