Inspired by a special personal journey to Valencia, Spain, to see the paintings of Vangelis, a Greek composer who’s music has been very inspirational to my work. The music of Pintura is very powerful, moving and dynamic, reflecting feelings and emotions of the paintings. Pintura has a film score like feel to the music

featuring classical sounds, choirs and Duduk. The album artwork features the wonderful Sunset series of paintings by Cornish Artist Jane Beecroft. Her amazing images really help to capture the depth and spirit of the music.


To view more of Jane Beecrofts artwork visit her website at


  • 1. Opening

    2. Movement I  parts 1 - 5

    3. Movement II

    4. Movement III

    5. Movement IV

    6. Movement V

    7. Movement VI

    8. Movement VII

    9. Closing


    Total Time 71 minutes

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