Sacred Gift

Throughout our lives we will always make connections, whether it be through our work, our social life or connections made through the world of dream state.

Dreams can teleport you to many realms, connecting you with many kinds of people who can inspire a creative energy. Sacred Gift has been created to reflect on the power of connections by taking the listener on a journey, using sounds to give space, healing and harmony.

The music connects Eastern and Western cultures in meditation with a gentle blend of sounds including Indian and Chinese Gongs, Duduk (Armenian Flute) and Tabla to lift energies. As well as soft Flutes, Piano, Choirs, Strings and a very simple Chant, or Mantra, which has been added for grounding with voice effects being used to give atmosphere.

Connections are a Sacred Gift and are very special, and will always have an effect on us all.

Sacred Gift is very healing album and excellent for all types of holistic therapies. A journey using sound and relaxation to guide you through 65 minutes of gentle music, climaxing with an uplifting chant to return the Body and Mind back to the conscious self.


Guest Musicians include Nigel Shaw (Dartmoor Elm Flute), Kevin Goulding (Indian and Chinese Gongs)

and Tom Simenauer (Tablas).


Cover artwork "Suggestion of Being" by Tiana

Sacred Gift

  • 1. Breath of Life

    2. Only in my Dreams

    3. Innocence

    4. Heaven's Child

    5. Inner Sanctuary

    6. Gentle Spirit

    7. Sacred Presence

    8. No Thoughts Beyond Tomorrow

    9. Release - Om Mani Am Ah


    Total Time 71 minutes

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